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A New Hobby 2016 Piano Lessons in Kent

Posted on December 16, 2015 at 10:40 AM

2016 - a new start - a new hobby!

Increase your positivity this New Year by starting a new hobby! I recommend taking Piano Lessons in Kent.

Studying music has many rewards and positive benefits to your physical and mental health, and will also improve your intelligence and increase the awareness of your senses plus inspiring your creativity and learning new skills like improvisation, memorization and composition!

No one is too old to begin - you just need a keyboard or piano and a few minutes four or five times weekly to practice your pieces and songs.

What music really inspires you? Make a resolution to learn the songs you love!

If you live in Kent or East Sussex now is the time to begin!

Piano Lessons in Kent and East Sussex

It only takes between te to thirty minutes four or five times a wek to become proficient at playing piano, even from scratch! It is a myth that you need a gift or talent, since playing the piano is similar to learning to type; whoever heard it said that a secretary is "gifted" at typing? It is a motor skill anyone can learn with repetitive practice. In fact, the co-ordination you need at the piano is very similar to driving your car! So get started now!

Determinine to learn three of your favourite songs within three months! Expect your piano teacher to encourage you. There is no mystery about music - you can accompany any song with two or three simple left hand chords - in the key of C (no flats or sharps) I would use C+E and F+A and G+B to harmonize the melody. Keep your music very simple so you can easily play in time. It is much better to play well with simple ideas than to stumble over difficult voicings.

Learn a few simple scales one and two octaves (C, F, G, D) but don't get hung up about them! Don't waste time - get on and learn the notes and play what pleases you. This way, you will find the time to practice easily and practice makes perfect.

There are different levels to piano playing but essentially the crucial target is to play a song you love with a simple effective accompaniment in the left hand. Gradually increase the number of songs you play well - one a month is twelve a year!

Start piano lessons in Kent or East Sussex today - keep it simple, make it fun!

Make 2016 the year your musical dreams come true! Book your first piano lesson today!

Louise 07989 370 624 

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