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How Do I Know When A Pupil Is Ready To Take A Music Exam?

Posted on March 21, 2018 at 7:20 AM

When is a music pupil ready to take an exam?

Starting from scratch the key is to develop confidence on your instrument learning co-ordination, most of the basic range, simple major and minor scales and arpeggios, some songs in simple arrangements. Ideally be ready to perform a song or two to a parent or friend. Music is a performance art and finding a small appreciative audience helps you to develop poise and self confidence. Don't let all your practice run away!

First step is to acquire the frst grade scale book for your instrument or ask your teacher to print out the scale requirments for grade one. Can you play any of these? Don't be put off by the sight reading requirement - let the scales be your initial guide as to the suitable level for you. If the scales are too much as yet then I recommend starting with the Prep Test which is a pre grade one run up to whet your appetite!

The Prep Test is an assessment rather than a paas or fail situation so you gain much needed early confidence in preparing your material and presenting yourself and your performance to a friendly, supportive, and interested examiner who will simply assess your progrss so far. You will gain a prestigious certificate to reward your endeavour!

While preparing for your Prep Test, which may be some months away, you can make a start on your grade one scales and begin to approach the pieces, perhaps learning the main themes one hand at a time. You will have a worthy focus and enjoy learning the varied skills that make up the whole music exam experience.

My pupil is not a beginner: what grade should they enter for?

Again I use the scale requirements for each grade level to give me a strong indication as to the most suitable level. Other important factors are - when did the pupil last take an exam? What grade was it and how long ago? How much practice and playing experience have been gained since then? Did they pass or fail? What is their attitude to their result? What is their long term music goal and how might an immediate exam resond to that goal?

It is not ideal to always be preparing for one exam after another - take time out to develop your own musical personality, build a repetoire, learn to play accompaniments or descants your own way, learn to improvise, play in a group, prepare a small concert performance. Developing into an intelligent confident musician is the key. Exam preparation can help towards this, but may not always be appropriate, especially if there is pressure to accomplish other work such as summer GCSEs.

I don't want to take music exams at all!

Do you lack confidence or suffer excess nerves? Discuss alternative ways to progress with your tutor. Perhaps you thrive in a performance situation or perhaps you simply want to play your favourite songs at home. There is no right or wrong way to enjoy your music making!

But I do find teenage pupils especially can really develop self confidence in working over the exam elements, building up to the big day, and proudly receiving their well earned certificate. The whole process brings about a tremendous sense of self power and worthwhile achievement. You learn anything is possible when taken step by step. You can springboard off your own success!

You can do things you once never dreamed possible! Have a go yourself this year!

Louise Woodcock teaches Piano, Woowinds and Brass in South & Mid Kent. Ring or text 07989 370 624

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