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Which Should I Learn How To Play Trombone Or Saxophone?

Posted on August 9, 2016 at 8:00 PM

Which should I learn how to play - Trombone or Saxophone?

Both trombone and saxophone are heavy instruments suited to adults, teens and older children from age eleven. Younger pupils should start on Clarinet or Trumpet initially.

The saxophone is heavy and can only be played wearing a neck strap or full body harness strap to support the weight of the sax as you play.

The trombone requires a long arm to reach the lower sixth and seventh positions and few people realise how fatiguing this instrument is to hold up with the left shoulder. Even ten minutes of playing will leave you aching!

Consider the style of music you enjoy listening to - do you like jazz? Watch videos of players on either instrument - with whom do you most identify?

I teach a person who played sax for years and has changed over to learning trumpet so think about the long term enthusiasm you have.

I want to learn how to play trombone!

Watch trombone players on video - do you identify with this sound?

A first trombone and book and music stand will cost you around £250. You could try the new plastic pbone in various bright colours!

The trombone is a brass instrument - you produce the sound through the brass mouthpiece by buzzing your lips and you use the slide to correct the pitch.

You need to allow daily practice time to develop the lip muscles we call the embouchure. The trombone uses a medium size brass mouthpiece you buzz into, so later you can also play euphonium, a valved tenor tuba.

Scales and arpeggios are essential to correctly find the 7 slide positions. You will cover a tenor voice sound down to a low bass.

The trombone plays harmony notes mid range supporting the higher pitched clarinets and trumpets and can play some nifty solos of its own too!

Trombones play in jazz band, dixie, swing big band, classical orchestra, chamber groups, trombone choir, brass quartet & quintet, circus bands, town bands, wind orchestras and concert bands, military bands, marching bands - pretty much every type of music except the string quartet!

Everybody loves a trombonist so you will be in demand the world over!

If you are an extrovert and wish t be a music personality then learn how to play trombone!

Louise Woodcock teaches trombone in Kent & East Sussex - ring today 07989 370 624

I want to learn how to play saxophone!

Watch videos of saxophonists - do you want to play soprano sax (like a clarinet, high pitch for tunes, John Coltrane), alto sax (mid range pitch, the most popular choice, Charlie Parker), tenor sax (heavier and lower pitch, most popular with guys, Lester Young) or Baritone sax (huge, lower notes)? The smaller saxes are easier to carry about!

Go to a sax shop to try out different sizes and makes - ask for free advise. There are many price ranges from £400 to thousands! A cheap one is fine to begin to learn how to play saxophone quickly! Buy a starter book and music stand too, and a neck strap.

The saxophone is a reed woodwind instrument. It is very popular, especially for jazz and military band music. You will easily find a group, a band or orchestra to play in. You can buy backing tracks to play along at home.

Go to concerts to watch trombonists and saxophonists whenever you can. Be inspired and dig the music!

Work towards exams, meet other players, book workshop days, and above all enjoy learning how to play trombone or saxophone!

Louise Woodcock teaches saxophone and trombone in Kent & East Sussex - ring today without delay!

Louise Woodcock Trombone Saxophone Tutor 07989 370 624


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